CHI or NYC for startups? MentorMob weighs in on

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Windy City vs. Big Apple? Deep dish vs. thin crust? Bulls vs. Knicks?

Add one more point of rivalry for denizens of these two great U.S. cities: "who's best for startup companies," New York's Silicon Alley or Chicago's Silicon Prairie?

Weighing in with their two cents is Chicago-based ed-tech company MentorMob, which recently "graduated" among the first class of the (New York City-based) Kaplan EdTech Accelerator.

As reported by George Deeb on
MentorMob is a rapidly growing startup in the B2C education technology space.  The company was founded in Chicago in 2010, and was one of the first tenants of Catapult
Chicago, a shared location facility for startups.  In 2013, MentorMob relocated to New York City, to participate in the Techstars/Kaplan Ed Tech accelerator program.  The company has had the unique experience of living in the two cities, both with growing startup ecosystems.  Vince Leung, MentorMob’s co-founder and CTO, was kind enough to share his experiences, helping us to compare the plusses and minuses of these two startup hotbeds.
The Strengths of New York
  • NYC has a more “holistic” perspective in launching startups, assessing perspectives from around the world (compared to Chicago being more insulated by geography and mindset)
  • NYC has a larger base of well-established internet companies to help mentor the startups along
  • NYC investors are more amenable to B2C startup strategies of gaining traction first and worrying about revenues later (where Chicago investors typical require a clear revenue model and traction out of the gate)

READ Vince's full list of New York and Chicago "pro's" in "New York Or Chicago For Startups? MentorMob Compares Both," (09/25/13) by George Deeb on

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